Enviroplaz International HK Ltd (The Company)





 Peter Barrow: Founding Director,  Group CTO

Peter has a background of over 10 years in avation both in the RNZAF and private sector. He has since been self employed developing concepts with both engineering and recycled Plastics.

For the last 25 years Peter has been a New Zealand leader in developing materials and concepts in the Plastics industry, and for the last 15 of those has developed a product known as Plaztuff™ a Hyspec Polymer sheet to fabricate structures using plastic extrusion welding technology.

His innovative approach has resulted in his design, development and production of a wide range of product that has been used successfully across a range of industries.

 Peter has also been involved in the development of a composite lightweight plastic aggregate for the concrete industry.

Peter is the inventor of the Plazrok concept and a co-inventor on the current patent




Stephen Swart : Director,  MD Enviroplaz NZ Ltd


Stephen is a trained and qualified diesel technician.  Stephen is a national sporting icon who carved out a professional career in cycling 1985 - 1995 on the world stage where his achievements are still recognized today.

Upon retiring Stephen established his own successful businesses in the automotive sector and then in construction. Stephen approached Peter regarding Plaztuff™ in 2011 and the relationship has evolved from there.

In June 2013 Stephen and Peter formed Enviroplaz International Ltd with the intention of taking Plaztuff to New Zealand, Australia and Asia


Alister Lawrence: Director, Group CEO 


Alister is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors in NZ and has an Honours Degree in Engineering. He has extensive executive and board experience over many years, and has successfully led international expansion of businesses in the past.

He is Chairman of the ASEAN NZ Business Council.

Alister joined Enviroplaz in 2015.


Brendan Meech: Director 

Brendan Meech – Has been a commercial and financing partner with major international law firms.

Brendan is now operating his own legal practice 

Brendan has been involved with the Plazrok Concept for the last seven years and is now a director and shareholder



 The Team: 



Mike Smith:  Asia Director, MD Enviroplaz Technical Services (Thailand)



Neil J Kennedy: Facilitator


Mike is a Chartered Professional Engineer with an extensive career in engineering and construction. He has extensive experience in Asia with over 25+ years in Thailand and other countries in Asia.

Mike has a wealth of experience as Director, Managing Director, Board Director, and Chairman roles’ in major engineering and construction companies, and as a Regional Manager successfully leading international expansion of businesses in the past. 











Neil has had a long association with both the Plaztuff™ and Plazrok™ concepts

Neil has wide experience in business in Thailand and has worked as vice chair of the ASEAN business council where he now acts as communications director

Neil and Peter have worked together on the Plaztuff business since Neil came back from Thailand in 2008


Pat Moore: Consulting Engineer



Pete Hutchinson: Advisor, Extrusion Specialist

Pat graduated from University of Auckland with a Civil Engineering Degree in 1962, and commenced working for a Consulting Practice in Whangarei, headed by Don Dunning.                                                                       

Five years later Pat shifted to Auckland and set  up a branch office  of the Whangarei Practice which became titled Dunning Moore and Associates, and remains as such to the present day.  

Over the ensuing years, Pat has undertaken a number of significant Civil and Structural projects, including major projects involving the use of ,Space Frame Structures’, and now uses his extensive experience, both in New Zealand and Internationally in his role as Professional Advisor to Enviroplaz International Ltd on the many Projects undertaken by that Company.




 Pete Hutchinson - has run extrusion plants for over 20 years and currently operates an extrusion food operation.

Pete is a partner with a global extrusion equipment supplier conducting R & D for commercialising a range of products and provides their international customers with technical support.

Peter is a co-inventor on the Plazrok patent