Miles Piggott

Marketing & Business Development Miles has extensive Marketing & Business Development experience. With Diplomas in Sales & Marketing and a successful background of Company Directorships in a cross section of Industry. Diverse Markets from GPS Tracking – Plastic Fabrication – Industrial Paint – Automotive Industry. From Marketing Manager of 10 or more sales Reps to...
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Emily is a qualified Chartered Accountant, CA ANZ and has many years of experience working for Publicly Listed Companies in New Zealand in the Construction, Wholesaling & Distribution sectors. Knowing the value of a robust financial roadmap and tight controls over day – to – day systems and administration. She is well placed to assist...
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Plaztuff™ Hyspec Polymer sheet is an engineering grade specially formulated M-HMWPE made to our exact specification for the purposes of fabricating a wide range of engineering products in multi applications. It is an alternative to steel, stainless steel, aluminium, fiberglass (FRP/GRP) and wood