Plaztuff HySpec Welding Specification


The current Standards available for Plastic welding are the European standards prepared by CEN/TC 249 Comité Européen De Normalisation (European Committee for Standardisation) in association with British Standards Institute.

The standard BSEN 13067 covers plastic welding and thermoplastic welded assemblies

A new European Standard BS EN 12573 has been introduced for ‘ Welded Static Non-Pressurised Themoplastic Tanks’ This standard covers the design of vessels and general principles for transport¸handling and installation.

Under this standard the Europeans are building tanks up to 100,000 Litre, 10m High with 4m diameters All tank fittings are welded in place and all comply with internationally accepted standards including AS/NZS Standard 4129 : 2000, fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications and BS5750 Part 1/ISO 9001/EN 29001 which covers product design, manufacture and inspection

Whilst the European standards are not recognised in New Zealand all our manufacturing and welding procedures comply with these standards and employs HSK extrusion welding systems.